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I am a brand specialist and offer professional brand management services to a wide assortment of clients. To understand this brave statement, it is important that you know a little bit about my background.

Throughout my 10+ years as an art director, branding for me took on the form of a visual persona that reflected how I envisioned my clients company's should be, and brand management was a simple concept that only dealt with ensuring that there was consistency from medium to medium. During this introductory period I got very good at analyzing the culture of a company and building their graphic brand from the logo on up. The companies I worked with were small to medium sized firms with no strategic plan. Being responsible for analyzing company after company was extremely good experience for me, but in hind sight these clients should have been more involved. They needed to actively define their brand because branding is much more than simply a logo, it is the essence of a company.

It was not until I switched roles from creative director to marketing manager that I discovered that this type of identity development should have been the responsibility of a marketing director deeply familiar with their company's culture. Yes the artist needs to be given some creative license but they should be provided direction to visually reflect corporate values, vision, and core competencies within an appropriately defined style. When I was the art director, my clients could not provide such direction because they lacked a properly defined strategic plan. It is hard enough to build a strong identity as the best in the world within a defined niche, but it is virtually impossible to do so without the direction of a talented brand developer.

Brand development is about the culture or an organization from finance, and human resources to the building of a meaningful image that speaks volumes to a specific target market. It differentiates your company from your competition. The brand development manager can lead this process but the successful portrayal of that brand to clients is everyone's responsibility. It takes a lot of planning and nurturing to build a strong brand. So few company's have a strong brand because so few teams have the foresight and planning to build their brand properly. This is what I can bring to your team. I not only have the creative skills to define a brand visually but I also recognize that branding is the product of a culture and that culture needs to be defined by actions passed down through staff, suppliers, and distributors to ultimately become recognized and appreciated by clients.

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