Sustainable Business and Green Marketing

Green Strategies
sometimes referred to as sustainable planning

Green marketing refers to products or services that are environmentally preferable to other competitive alternatives. Greening is based on a genuine desire to make a difference. There are many internal as well as external benefits to creating a green culture. These benefits can have both a profound effect of the environment and on your company's bottom line. It should be known that each business is unique and the method of introducing a green marketing strategy into your communications should be carefully analyzed by a an experienced third party consultant for unbiased validation. If green marketing is not done properly it can have an undesirable effect on the bottom line of your company. It is not about using green marketing just to attract customers. Shallow "Green Washing" strategies can easily backfire and generate mistrust with a product or brand because consumers have been inundated with such practices.

Here is a short list of some benefits to greening your business, designed to recycle your creative juices and to begin the process of sustainable business planning:

  • You can benefit from the direct correlation between a green culture and lower HR costs. Greening brings staff closer together and builds a positive and desired company culture
  • Potential for the reduced effect of price as a key selling feature. Green practices can win over a younger and more impressionable audience in the process of forming long term buying habits
  • An opportunity to benefit from social evangelism, trust, positive brand development, and leadership as an influencer
  • Building positive inbound marketing campaigns, unique lead channels and new SEO opportunities
  • Eco-labeling, sponsorship from 3rd party green organizations, and potential client participation in sponsored projects and events
  • Open communications with floor staff can result in creative operations and logistics that can help reduce costs and keep staff involved
  • Industry related partnerships and governmental support through regulatory benefits, grants, funding support, and tax credit opportunities

It all comes down to strategies and tactics. There are a large number of strategies and tactics that take advantage of green marketing. Some are good and some not so good, while others are time consuming and offer little ROI. Let me help you define your campaign for maximum efficiency and validation. Also, sign up today and receive regular emails on how to green your company. I promise not to send you too much. It is my goal to stay on topic and send only helpful hints on how to improve the way you do business.

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