Robert Eberhard, Strategic and Marketing Planner

A Specialist in Brand Development and Strategic Planning

It is my goal to grow your company and build your brand and to do so more cost effectively. I am currently working with the team at Cloud 9 Marketing, a full service agency and strategic consultant based in Whistler British Columbia.

Effective Strategic Planning starts with who you are as a company and what you wish to achieve. With a culture and vision clearly in mind it is off to the more recognized task of defining the target market and recognizing internal and external environmental constraints. These constraints formulate a company’s value proposition. Successful planning is the result of using the right marketing tools to achieve both short and long-term goals in an efficient and cost effective manner. It is all too easy to be seduced by the latest marketing fad. Rob Eberhard provides 15+ years of insight and experience with multi-media marketing and the discipline of prioritized time management.

Brand Development is another broad category of marketing driven by a company’s strategic plan. Branding, if done properly, is recognized as an asset resulting from the labels bestowed on a company by their clients and potential clients. This marketing asset can be the culmination of a range of actions from customer service to the colours used in an ad. As an award winning multi-media designer, Rob Eberhard can offer you an eye for visual imagery and simplicity in messaging.

Together with a range of marketing partners, ‘’ provides geo-specific marketing services in both Vancouver and Whistler British Columbia. Areas of specialization include the development of green business practices, the hospitality industry and SaaS (software as a service).


Work Specialization
Strategic Planning and Brand Development

A step by step progression from vision to implementation with a strong value structure and the tactics that support the brand identity, with the goal of achieving individual milestones.


Masters of Business Administration

I am an MBA graduate with a 3.95 GPA, and have accumulated over a dozen SEO and marketing certificates including a certificate of induction into the International Honor Society in Business.


Marketing Network
Achieving Results through a Network of Specialists

No one can be a specialist at everything which is why developing the right partnerships is a key component for me in creating the right marketing team without breaking the bank for my clients.

Digital Ventures
Exploring emerging markets...

SaaS and App Development

With a background in technology, building mobile apps, and making innovation a core value.


Travel and Hospitality Industry
Marketing with an inside edge...

mountain travel

With the help of an external consultant we cover Sales, Marketing and Revenue Management.


Green Marketing
The art of caring without green-washing...

envirionmental awareness

Building a business by making a connection with stakeholders.


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