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Scalable Start-Up's
specifically for software as a service (SaaS) organizations.

As a consultant, I bring a wealth of start-up and venture fund-raising experience to my clients. There are significant rewards but also significant challenges to digital ventures and experience makes all the difference in the world.

It is a delicate balance knowing when to be a doer and when to be a planner. People who are successful in starting a new business are those that tinker and get things done. They take a chance and before they know it they have a viable business. Unfortunately most of those doer's simply just like to tinker and they never get around to properly planning for real success. To make the cross over from good to great requires an intuitive understanding for their relative core capabilities. It is difficult, if not impossible, for someone to properly assess their own market advantages without being biased. To properly recognize your unique value proposition you often need to dig a little deeper than simply making a few broad competitive assessments. This is where I can help out.

An unbiased third party is in a much better positioned to ask the tough questions about the relative value that you can provide to clients. I assess both internal and external market environments, validate your vision, build a road map to achieving that vision and build a modern inbound marketing tool kit for your unique requirements and assign a team to accomplish these goals. As an unbiased consultant I will be focused on your A/B testing to examine market success and failure. It is critical in a growing company that minor contingencies are constantly being explored. I can guarantee that success is never a single idea with a single track. It is a long and ongoing experiment with potentially several major pivots.

I have gained experience in strategic planning as a CEO of a tech start-up for "One of the Top 10 New Ventures of 2007". I was also the CTO for another company responsible for building a web based application, and of coarse CMO of yet another company in charge of building a brand from the ground up and defining a scalable inbound marketing engine. As you can see from my education as well. I recently returned to school to get my MBA so that my skills might be validated with straight 'A's and my induction into the "International Honour Society in Business".

Let me do all the tough digging and I will leave the tinkering up to you. Whether you are just curious or wish to move forward with a strategic plan, let me keep you up to date with the latest business do's and don'ts. I promise to keep your information relevant and infrequent.

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