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Strategic Planning is central to all the marketing and business consulting services that I offer. Nothing can happen without a plan driven by a clients vision of what they believe their company is capable of.

Marketing is not just about web sites or the ads placed in local newspapers. Marketing is everything that impacts or alters the perception of your company by your clients or potential clients. A strategic plan defines your vision, and outlines the values that make up a company's culture. Having clarity in your direction, driven by the most basic principles of a company, can have a profound impact on human resources, the efficiency of operations, and it provides direction for the brand itself.

The direction of a company and its marketing needs to be driven by the teams core competencies. Defining what the market advantage is can be one of the most difficult tasks senior management can face. That element of differentiation may be an aspect of internal or external environmental factors, but to clearly define that competitive advantage is going to be the key to a company's success, which is what a strategic plan is all about. Defining this competitive advantage is usually not easy and will require a great deal of testing and market research starting with a hypothesis and followed by a series of goals that will eventually lead to the successful achievement of the corporate vision.

The good news is that this research can also be driven by marketing in the more traditional sense and need not be an administrative drain on a company. This process allows the company to efficiently move through these individual corporate goals, to test the market and to constantly re-assess and learn from their clients to discover what drives revenue. Marketing is a very scientific endeavor that is built around the vision, individual goals and return on investment. If your marketing consists of simply a web site and SEO, you can be committing the sporting equivalent of sprinting a marathon with only the desire to run faster. Such actions are inefficient and it does not appropriately target your customer within their buying cycle. Your team will be most efficient when goals are defined by their core competencies. This brings the company full circle, Vision > Culture > Core Competency > Marketing > which creates a feedback loop increasing revenue and generating happier staff because they are selling based on their own organizations culture.

Strategic Planning is this and so much more. To learn more about marketing to your competitive advantage visit my blog or better yet, request tips and tricks through regular email updates.

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